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Wright c.1983
The study of the nature of civilizations and their developmental progress in the cosmos.


  1. Topics
  2. The Timeline of Civilizations
  3. Civilizations in the Rear-view Mirror
  4. Number of Civilizations

2017 Jan 7


This civilization project includes the following topics. Click to view:

  1. Civiology
  2. Principle of Equal Freedom
  3. The State of Civilization
  4. Reformation
  5. Science and Technology
  6. Speciation
  7. Civilization in Space
  8. 10,000 Worlds
  9. Civilization and Cosmos
The Timeline of Civilizations

Just when and where civilization began ...

Civilizations in the Rear-view Mirror

In most contemporary theorizing, civilizations are looked at in a rear-view mirror. We should hope that civilization extends much farther into the future than it does in our past seven millennia or so. An assertion that civilizations must follow the models of the Bronze and Iron Ages is an absurdity. That our contemporary civilization differs little from Iron Age civilizations except in manner of dress and power of weapons does not provide any necessity that civilization of the future must adhere to the model.

Number of Civilizations

The number of civilizations that might arise in a galaxy is a profound issue with major implications for the future of humanity. Evidence is accumulating that while simple life might be common throughout our galaxy, advanced life might be quite rare. Try your own numbers in the civilizations calculator by clicking on the link in the left column.